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Tanya Neiman
Wednesday March 01st 2006, 11:53 am
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Occasionally we are gifted with the brilliant and articulate expression of a person’s impeccable soul. When that soul passes, flags are flown at half mast, the honorable break from their endless work, the thousands of people that soul has touched feel a void and a great responsibility is passed back to a community.

Tanya Neiman is one of these souls. A few years ago I received a gift in becoming an acquaintance of Tanya’s through the Lotus Center. Sherry Hedstrom (the woman whose husband I am) and Beverly Burns (whose practice Sherry supports) have been a doorway into many such souls for me, but Tanya was always amongst my favorite people I met there.

Seeing her was always a true pleasure. Here suits and wonderful bowties, her glasses, her fountain pens (we commiserated about our pens leaking on our shirts) and her stylish hats and shoes – all paled in comparison to being on the receiving end of her smile. It was a smile I recognized. It was a smile I remember seeing on my own face after returning from the Persian Gulf War – it was a survivor’s smile. A smile that told you that it was in this moment, and welcoming the soul in front of you, that life is best expressed and appreciated.

I wish dearly that I would have had a chance to get to know her better, as I suspect so many are feeling right now. My heart goes out to her partner Brett and her dearest friends in this time of loss. I know that if ever there was a soul who would live on in our community’s heart it will be Tanya’s.

The more years that roll by the more I come to realize that time is marked most by the comings and goings of such souls and the lessons that emerge like perfect creatures in a waiting meadow. The more times this happens the more I know the meadows are the places people like Tanya create in us – safe, warm, clean, fertile and serene. The perfect creatures are the parts of us that are born from the experiences we have shared.

Thank you Tanya for what you have made in us.

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Thank you Andrei for marking this event that is effecting so many people that Tanya touched. Her generosity, compassion and her sheer ability to truly and deeply enjoy life and all of those people around her- these were a pleasure, a gift and a lesson to behold.

Comment by zoe 03.01.06 @ 12:01 pm

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