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Monday January 19th 2004, 9:03 pm
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(The following post was written in response to someone expressing difficulty in understanding what I mean by “All there is is God”. I knew that this person was a Christian so I tried to structure the conversation in a manner that he would be most familiar with. So, I just looked for what I thought to be common beliefs between us and tried to build a bridge from that point.)

I’ll just try to get to the essence of what I have been trying to communicate. I think, that with you being a Christian, we can find a solid base to agree on. One thing that we both agree with from the very start is that, by definition, God or Godhead is the greatest most superior and supreme source of everything. OK, well thats it. We agree on everything as that is all I believe. That is the sum total of all my beliefs.
As a result of that belief, I surrendered my life to God who I used to like to call by nickname, “buddha nature”. I Loved and trusted God so much that I wanted to be closer to God than I was to my self. I gave my life to God one day, I mean really truly handed it over and gladly. This wasn’t because some one told me about God or I fell on hard times so I had to do it. This was a spontaneous longing that could not be denied. I knew that by definition, God is Infinite so therefore everywhere, all the time. So I just looked for him in the same spot everyday which was the Here and Now. I figured that it would be that much easier for God to find me if I stayed Still in the same spot everyday which is Stillness itself.
I enjoyed the practice of staying Still waiting for God to find me becuase Stillness was silent, boundless, borderless, dimensionless, timeless and crystal clear. I waited so many years in that sweet beautiful Stillness waiting for God to show up but nothing else ever showed. One day, out of the clear blue sky, something told me to look behind me and when I did, I saw that God was behind me the whole time looking through my eyes. I did not exist as such anymore, because what I thought to be me was just God hiding from itself by moving around and thus folding itself up in itself creating pockets of God interacting with other pockets of God.
It was realized that when I move, I appear to be a person in the world, but when I am Still, I am God alone. See, for your self right now. Walk around or move your arms around in front of your face and notice if you are Still or moving. If you take your self to be a person than you will feel like you are moving but if you Realize that you are actually God, then you will recognize that you are absolutely Still and that you have never moved an inch your whole life although your arms and legs sure move alot. Douglas Harding quoted Aristotle in this context saying “God is the unmoved mover of the world”. Isn’t that what you are if you tell your self the Truth?
No wonder no one can ever find God, we were all taught to be on the look out for an ‘other’ or an ‘else’. It never occurred to us that God WAS that Stillness the whole time even though the clues were there. After all, the Stillness is silent, boundless, borderless, dimensionless, timeless and crystal clear. It is our Primordial nature and as such, it was so obvious that we looked right past our selves. Since God is everywhere, everything and at everytime, it is impossible to find That while looking for particulars.
So, Curi, I hope you see that when I say that you are the pen or that hitler is worthy of my love, I only say this because I know that there is only God. Therefore god is the pen and God is Hitler. There are NO enemies. Everything is to be loved as everything is God. I love you as I know that you are God/I behind that appearance. I know it is, I really truly Know it. So do you. Remember?

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