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Monday February 09th 2004, 11:39 pm
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(The following was written in response to a discussion about the common usage of the word’ Oneness’ as it appears more frequently in todays spiritual literature. I was pointing out the difference in how the term ‘Oneness’ is commonly used compared to how the term ‘nondual’ is used to describe the mystical experience.)

The mystics are not saying that I am a little cell and you are a little cell in a great
big body that we call god and since, as a part of god, I am inseparable
from god. No, not in the least. This is not the case at all. It is much
more profound than that. What I am saying is that YOU ARE THE WHOLE
ENCHILADA. You are not a part of god as if god could be spliced up
infinitely. You are LITERALLY and ACTUALLY the ONLY One.

Imagine if you got so good at pupetteering that you could put a puppet on each hand and operate
both puppets at the same time. When you are puppet A, you feel what puppet A
feels and you know his whole character completely and thoroughly including
his agenda, his wants, his intelligence, his creativity and his whole
persona. When you are puppet B, the same applies. When the puppets interact,
you are such a good puppeteer that you can operate both and feel the anger
of A as he punches B and as B is being punched, you can feel his pain and
wonder as to why A punched him in the first place. Just imagine that you are
such a good puppeteer that you can put on a whole skit with these two
puppets and feel the life as A and B as they feel exclusive from the other.
OK, now just imagine god doing this with Infinite puppets at the same time
and you are just one of these puppets. The moment you truly recognize that
eric is just a puppet just as marc and all the others that you interact with
are puppets, you will wake up to the knowing that you ARE the puppeteer.

You are the ONLY Subject. All things that happen to every puppet in
existence are actually happening to the same puppet master. Hence the
expression; “all suffering is Buddha’s suffering”. There is only Buddha and
you are THAT. Not a part, not a piece, not a fragment but the whole thing

Picture this and you will feel nauseous if you get it. Remember the
scene in ‘Being John Malkovich’ where John M. went in to his own head
through the tunnel and he was a restaurant with nothing but John M.’s and
they were all dressed up and acting as if they were all different entities
but in actuality, they were all John M.. Well, guess what!!!! That is
exactly what is going on and I am not kidding one bit. WE ARE ALL THE SAME
FRICKIN’ PERSON!!! You are walking around in a house of mirrors and there
has never ever been anything that was not YOU! I can not stress enough that

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