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Wednesday March 17th 2004, 9:48 pm
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(The following post was a response to a question about the difference between personal and impersonal Awareness.)

It is the focusing of Awareness that creates the appearance of an identity where there actually is none. The appearance of an identity is created and sustained by the habitual identifying or focus on thoughts/memories. The reason it is so frightening for the ego to let go of this thought stream is because the ego IS this thought stream. Stillness or Silence is death to the ego. But you are not your ego, the ego exists IN you. It is only the identification with ego that leads you to believe that you are the ego itself.

So, as Awareness, you only seem to be ego if that is what you are aware of or focusing on. This is why the most direct practice (yoga, sadhana etc) is to simply look for your Self. Looking for your Self implies Awareness of Awareness only. Practice Awareness of Awareness until the ‘of’ drops leaving only Awareness.

Once you realize that, as Awareness, you are All-there-Is, then the world including ‘Joe’ is recognized to be appearing inside of You. This is where the Celebration begins. To BE while knowing that you are NOT is the greatest Joy as it is God’s Joy, the Joy of Being.

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