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Wednesday March 10th 2004, 9:09 pm
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(In this post, I was pointing out how two statements, by another forum member, may have seemed to contradict each other, but were in fact, complimentary.)

Chris said that everything is That, whether it be samadhi or sitting there looking at his jeans and computer. Chris also said something to the effect of “not I am that, not I am, not I” etc. These are complementary truths and it must be understood that they both are
true simultaneously and not exclusive from each other. The first one speaks to “I am Everything” and the second one speaks to “I am Nothing”. It is recognizing, ‘there is nothing that is you’, that reveals ‘there is nothing that is not you’.

Beyond all opposites is where nothing was ever touched. Here, nothing ever happened. Here, nothing ever existed. Here, nothing shall ever be. When This is recognized, This is all that remains. Even the recognition no longer remains, only This. There was never anything that wasn’t This as This is all there is. I am This, You are This, He is This, She is This, Everything is This. When everything is recognized as This, then the ‘someone’ comes to an end. Having realized that there was never any one to be enlightened, all seeking drops spontaneously. Having realized that there never was any
bondage in the first place, only Liberation remains. It is this freedom that sparks the Joy of simply Being. To Be while realizing that you are not is cause for much celebration and much rejoicing at the miracle of Life. What could be more wonder-ful than THIS?

The beautiful part is that you can’t do it wrong. What could possibly go wrong? There has never been a problem prior to thinking. You want to seek, seek. You want to renounce I AM THAT, renounce it. You want to find fault, find fault. You want to resist what is, resist. You want complication, then make complication. You want two, make two. As the Supreme Source with all of its manifestations, you can do what ever you want because all of this is Lila. Why not play?****

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