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Wednesday March 03rd 2004, 2:16 am
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(The following was written to assist another conference member who was having difficulty in expressing his realization that he was alone/all one. The first paragraph was taken directly from my personal journal and the second part was written specifically for that discussion group)

Thursday we went to the fair and the first ride I went on with my daughter sparked something that has been growing day by day. I am on this ride and I immediately become aware of how WONDERful it is to experience THIS. I have always rode the rides as ‘marc’ but Thursday it was GOD that was riding that ride and I was friggin ecstatic that as God, I could experience the beautiful colors and lights that danced around me, the spontaneous songs of Joy that blared from the loudspeakers, the rush of the ride taking me around and around at an amazing speed. Life is a Celebration indeed and I was so happy to participate in duality. I could feel my daughters love as she kissed my cheek. I could appreciate her holding on to me as this was her first scary ride. I could express my Joy to my wife. I could smile at others brightly and let them know that there is a deep connection that is rarely spoken of. Life has been nothing short of magical since ‘marc’ has yielded to God.
What I wanted to express to Threedrom was that I know what it means to know that you are the only One. I know how AWEsome that realization is and how one could never shake that once he has Seen it. I have written about my past experiences concerning this ‘aloneness’ on this list so I wont repeat my self but what Threedrom is describing is not egotistical at all. The ego recoils in fear at the overwhelming intensity of the aloneness that is experienced in those brief moments of clear Seeing so I can’t imagine this insight being desirable for the ego. What I wanted to share with Threedrom is my feeling that you can only know who you are and beyond that, it is mere beliefs. Knowing that you are the only ‘I’ is the only thing that you can know in the Absolute sense and after that, we make up our own stories. Liberation is knowing that you are not the story that I have called ‘marc’. Marc appears in me. I have no interest in ascertaining any other truths such as is it real or unreal. Free will vs. Determinism. One vs. many etc. It is so completely irrelevant to the Bliss that you are that I just wanted to convey to Threedrom that beliefs are just that, beliefs. You can know that you are the one and only I, that much you can be sure of. But beyond that, you are merely projecting beliefs if you say that other people exist or they are dream characters. Either one is simply a belief and I say, why add anything to ‘What-Already-Is’? I take everything at face value and I have no beliefs what so ever. People talk to me and so I talk back. I don’t question whether they are real or not as all I need to know is that they appear as what-IS. That is what is being presented to me and I accept it for what it is which is the Noumenal. If a tree were to talk to me, I wouldn’t hesitate to talk back as it expressed a desire to connect with me. Heck, if my chair were to tell me its life story than I would lend it my ear as it too is the Noumenal. I have no more beliefs or ideas about the world. It is as it is and I accept it for what it is.

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