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Monday April 26th 2004, 11:52 pm
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(This was written to clarify what I mean by Bliss as opposed to joy.)

The Bliss that I was referring to is not the same thing as joy. When I say
‘Bliss’, I am referring to what you wrote below, “Originally, there is
nothing but nothing,”. That ‘original nothing but nothing’ is what I was
referring to as Bliss and that is what we are all living from whether we
resist it or not. That Bliss or Nothing is all there is and that is why I
find the appearance of the world/duality to be so joyous. Maybe the word
‘Bliss’ is misleading in this context but I was moved by the Buddha’s words
when he spoke about what ‘Nirvana’ is? He simply said that ‘Nirvana is the
cessation of suffering’. I loved that because it speaks of the inexpressible
negatively. He said what Nirvana is NOT, which points directly to what it
IS. This speaks to the fact that left alone, we are already Self Perfected.
Left alone, only ‘Nothing’ IS, which for me, is synonymous with Bliss or
‘Being as Nothing’. Since Bliss is what we already are by default, our
perfect expression in the world is joy. But not joy in the manic sense. More
along the lines of what the Buddha said about, “Joyful participation on the
sorrows of life”.

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