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Wednesday April 07th 2004, 12:22 am
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(This was written in response to the nondualists tendency to shun the ‘I’ as being dualist)

As far as the ‘I’ goes, when I hear that word, I have no problem with
it. Here is a quote by Christian Mystic, Meister Eckhart. This speaks to the nature of ‘I’
that I am fond of and just realized very recently.— “I must become God,
and God must become me, so completely that we share the same ‘I’ eternally.
Our truest ‘I’ is God.” Now, that is beautiful and that speaks to the
realization that I posted on this forum last week. There is only the ‘I’,
and you are That. The very ‘I’ that is you is the same ‘I’ that is me. The
‘I’ that I am speaking of is the ‘I’ that is always present even before
thinking. The ‘I’ is not the i-dentifying, as that is merely a process in
‘I’. To realize that, “I am That” is to realize that Atman IS Brahman.
There is no problem with ‘I’ as long as it is recognized that there are not
two I’s. There is only I and that ‘I’ is God.

The only reason I post this is that it has now become apparent to me
how complicated we make all of this. Being God is the simplest thing because
it is what we already are. We could not do it (living) wrong even if we
tried. All this talk through out the ages of Enlightenment, Awakening,
Liberation etc. has been extremely misleading and has acted as an apparent
barrier to what already ‘is’. Instead of teaching Enlightenment or
Liberation, we should teach simply ‘Being what we already are’. Now how long
should that take? 😉

I would teach this my self but I am getting the
feeling that most enjoy and want to seek for the sake of seeking as that is
what they have come to identify with. I get the feeling that when I do this
kind of talk, people are thinking, “if I were to believe that I already am
That or enlightened or liberated etc, then the seeking would have to end and
I would have to accept my present condition”. Well, I guarantee everyone
that your present condition is beautiful and perfect regardless of what you
think. It is only the act of resisting your present condition that makes it
appear to be painful. Left alone, there is nothing but Bliss, resist this
Bliss and that very act of resisting will cause the appearance of suffering.

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