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Tuesday November 23rd 2004, 11:41 pm
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I am at times so overwhelmed with profound gratitude that I well up in tears just taking in the colors and shapes that create a marvelous tapestry that we call the world. It is never anything specific that I feel grateful for but rather the world itself. Just to ‘Be’ seems to be the greatest miracle that continually perpetuates itself. The world of ten-thousand-things arising from No-thing….this is Self Origination….wonder of all wonders.

So, today, as I prepare for my Thanksgiving trip to visit with family and friends, I am reminded of what I am most thankful for and that is the appearance of duality. It is the appearance of duality that provides us with the dimensions of time and space in which we can experience ourSelf as individuals communing with each other. It is ‘time’ that provides for the human experience and all the riches that come from this experience. It is ‘time’ that creates the appearance that we are two and allows for this sacred dance that we call Life or the ‘Duet of One’.

Many have referred to the devil as the ‘time’ that it takes to realize that everything is already self perfected. When mystics read the Christian Bible, the word Satan translates in their native tongue as “Maya” which simply means measurement or ‘time’. And in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, when they finally find gods message that he left scrolled on some large rocks, it simply read…”sorry for the delay”. It is only this ‘delay’ that causes some to become insecure and lose faith in Reality (as time seems to move slowly) and it is only this limited perspective that makes the world seem to be something other than the picture of perfection that it inherently is. But just as time is the ‘root of all ignorance’ it is also ‘time’ that heals all these wounds that arise from our basic ignorance which is the belief that we are ‘two’.

Traditionally speaking, it is always ‘time’ that plays the role of the great barrier. You can hear it echoed through out the songs of generations past and present. George Harrison famously sang to God…”I really want to be with you but it takes so long” or more recently in the popular song by Los Lonely Boys in which they sing “How far is Heaven because i just cant wait much longer”. I can relate to the sentiments that they are expressing as seekers but there is a whole other side of the story that isnt being expressed in these songs. And that is the simple fact that if it was not for the appearance of time, there would simply be nothing at all. No duality = No manifestation period!

The very duality that creates the appearance of a ‘you’ AND a ‘god’ that appears separate from you is the same duality that allows us to love each other, to touch each other, to learn from each other and to create our stories. It is this very duality that provides us with the experience of Being. It is only through time that we discover just who we really really are. It is only through Maya that we are able to experience the magic of music, the majesty of the animal kingdom, the intense emotions and feelings of the body/mind, the carnival of colors and aromas, the dramas of life that tell our history and everything else that has ever happened or can be imagined.

It is this very duality that creates the contrast in life and it is this contrast by which we are able to experience that which we consider to be the ‘good’ things in life. We can not have happy without sad. We can not have pretty without ugly. We can not have peace with out war. We can not have good without bad. We can not have justice with out injustice. One thing is necessarily dependent on its opposite for its own existence so if you pursuit one side of the spectrum, you must know that you are inevitably courting its opposite. (In the Eastern traditions, this is known as ‘turning the wheel of samsara’) Recognizing all opposites to be two sides of the very same coin resolves the duality as they are not seen as ‘two’ any longer but rather one continuum.

So, today, on this Thanksgiving eve, I am moved to give thanks but my thanks is much too big for any specifics. Instead, I am simply grateful for having been at all…

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