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Wednesday November 17th 2004, 9:48 pm
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I’ve been particularly interested in the subject of ‘perspectives’ for the last few months or so. Not by choice but just by recognizing whats been appearing and it just seems that the theme of ‘perspectives’ has been coming up alot for a while now. I think it may have started over the summer when I discovered a couple reality shows called “trading spouses” and “trading mommies”, where one member of a family (who fits a very stereo typical demographic) switches lives with another member of a different family (who fits the polar opposite stereo type of the others demographic) which provides you with two ‘fish-out-of-water-stories’. It makes for great entertainment but I also found that it was surprisingly very educating as well.

What I found so intriguing was that the kids seemed to adapt to the ‘parent swapping’ really well but each and every adult seemed utterly incapable of understanding the other adults perspective. Each adult seemed adamant that their perspective was somehow the ‘right’ perspective and the other persons to be ‘wrong’ or in need of correcting. The middle american housewife just coud not fathom how the wealthy guy could be so distant from his family both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, the wealthy guy is so completely convinced that she was jealous of his fast lifestyle and could not believe the housewifes insistence that she was not in the least bit interested in what he found to be so valuable.

Over and over again, you would see the same thing. The regimented person insisting on ‘helping’ the laid back folk get with the program of success and meanwhile, the laid back folk are trying to ‘help’ the regimented person to relax and enjoy themselves. The country bumpkin who is anxious to show off his slice of heaven while the city slicker is equally anxious to show off the heart beat of the dazzling city. The democrat trying to enlighten the stupid republican and the republican trying to save the reckless democrats from themselves. Everybody seems so certain that they are somehow ‘right’ and the other guy is ‘wrong’, so, much of public life seems to be about shaping these societal beliefs about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Perhaps its an attempt to define Reality…I dont know.

My particular perspective is that all perspectives are equal and valid because for all intents and purposes, your perception of reality IS reality. Your perception of the world defines the world for you so you are essentially creating your own reality based on your own thoughts. If your beliefs are such that you are a god-fearing-christian than your perpsective of reality will be drastically different from, lets say, a sufi’s perspective of reality. Their respective beliefs (or lackthereof) will shape radically different views of what Reailty is…of what is actually happening.

Im sure that everyone loves their own perspective and I do as well. One aspect of my perspective that I enjoy is that I see that everyone sees them self as the protagonist in their own story. There are no actual bad guys but only heros for their particular cause. For some, robin hood was a villian but he surely saw himself as a hero. Same deal with hitler, saddam, bush, clinton, the guy who cut you off on the highway, the rat bastards who want to lead us to believe that are function is to be consumers….etc. etc. Each guy is the star of his own movie and he has the belief that he is in the right just as the guy opposite of him thinks that he is in the right.

After enough of having this rubbed in your face, one develops what they call in Zen, “Dont Know Mind”….soon even your own beliefs are reduced to mere crumbling bridges……

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