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Monday November 15th 2004, 8:58 pm
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Lately I have been hearing a lot about people wanting to move to Canada or have the blue states secede the nation or something to that effect. But it seems to me that if we simply get back to our roots of being a federation or a ‘republic of states’ than we can remain as the United States and the states would retain their inherent ‘states rights’. By being and acting as a true republic, we would have a diversity of states that would be able to leglistlate itself depending on its own culture that may be different than the majority of Americans.

What I am wondering now is, “who would be against such an idea?”. It seems to me that the blue and red states should love this plan equally. You want to smoke dope? Well, get out of South Carolina and move to Colorado where you dont get thrown in prison for preferring a joint over a shot of whiskey. You want to live in a state where the kids can take their guns to school so they can hunt afterwards? Well, get out of New York where the gun laws are too strict and move to Arizona where its not uncommon to see guys walking down the streets with guns in their holster. You don’t like the fact that gay people can get married? Well, maybe Massachusetts is not the best place for you…Have you considered someplace further south….Or midwest?

This may sound silly but I think it is more silly to expect a country of our size with all the divergent cultures to share the same values and the same ideas of what should and should not be legislated. How is someone who has never left San Francisco supposed to understand the culture of Mississippi and vice versa. It just seems ludicrous that all of us are supposed to live by each others rules when every one of these rules is bourne solely from a cultural phenomena. So, why secede from the nation when our constitution already allows for us to live as a federation of states making up a United States of America?

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