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Enjoying the Holidays
Wednesday December 01st 2004, 7:41 pm
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Returning from my Thanksgiving holiday with family, I am reminded that I am enjoying the holidays once again. When we were young, we enjoyed the holidays like nothing else. The anticipation, the excitement of seeing distant family members, the bounty of gifts, the time off from school and the genral joy that seems to come with the holidays. But then somewhere in our twenties, we become too busy to even build up any anticipation, seeing our family starts to seem like old hat, gifts dont have the same excitement as they once had, there no longer is any significant time off work and the general joy that was once there is lost in all the hecticness of the holiday season.

But then it seems that after you have kids of your own and you start to build your own traditions, the joy creeps back in and once again the holidays take on a whole new meaning. I used to consider it a chore to go back and meet with my relatives for the holidays but that has gradually been changing and this last holiday visit was actually a true joy. I cant pin point why exactly. On the surface, nothing has changed, yet somehow I noticed that everything has changed. I began to appreciate my family members and cherished our differences rather than considering them as boundaries. Watching our daughter play with her cousins reminded me of the great times I had with my cousins and everyone just seemed to genuinely enjoy each others company.

I am reminded that for a long time, I considered my family a nuisance of sorts, something that I had to deal with on occasions. Now, I find myself appreciating their respective personalities and cherish the meaningful conversations that we shared and perhaps I dont even see them as family members but simply ‘people that I enjoy’. I am very grateful for this new relationship and I find my self happy for them as well. Thanksgiving isnt even a week behind us and I find myself looking forward to another visit in a couple weeks…now that is a definite first. :-))

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