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A beginning
Tuesday May 31st 2005, 10:00 pm
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I was inspired today. Deep Throat came out of hiding. I silently hope that this inspires a trend in law enforcement to expose the lies and dirty tricks of our current politicians. Today I laughed every time I saw the Nixon videos saying “I am not a crook”. Not to mention, on the very same day, the irony of having “W” calling the accusations of abuses at Gitmo by Amnesty International “Absurd” .
It’s a banner day for truth! Truth has been taking a beating of late. I would like to call on the truth and ask it to show up on this blog. For my part I promise to track it down to the best of my ability and bring it to you. If you would like to bring it here as well, please do. Pointing out the truth will be welcomed here. Arguments for the truth will made hear. Witnesses to the truth will be called here. Bring truth here and keep it safe. Bring the truth here and make it work. Bring the truth here so we know where to find it. Find the truth and bring it here because it’s been lost. Search for the truth and bring it here because it’s been taken away and it’s lost its place in our lives. That place where it’s the most important part of our lives that keeps our spirits healthy. Let us get it back and not let the truth be taken away from us again. If we can get this going and have a place where truth can survive, next we’ll invite Peace.
This is day one of Danny’s Blog. Welcome.

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Danny Boy – definately a great start – I hear the trumpets sounding. Turth is somethign that is getting more and more twisted and that this sort of twisting of the truth is becoming more acceptable. I feel like blogs help us to get information outside of the often skewed mainstream media. They also promote critical thinking as we reconcile infomration that is not served up in neat packages. I am excited to see another awesome voice on DS! Blog on!!!

Comment by andrei 06.01.05 @ 12:14 pm

welcome danny boy!

Comment by hyperlexic 06.02.05 @ 10:54 pm

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