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The First Blog of my Life
Saturday June 18th 2005, 3:22 pm
Filed under: Beauty,Goodness,Love,politics,Truth
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So how do I categorize this first blog of my life, in Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Politics? I have a sense of this community that I have been graciously invited to join, but my political activism has for so long been grass roots, person-to-person, seeing your eyes, sharing touch and tears and joy. I’m pretty good at being in relationship via e-mail and messenger, but do I have a place in this blogsphere where I will really be myself, be authentic, be real, not worry about impressing you? [The answer is no, I do want to impress you. But I will try to be authentic at the same time.] Can I march, carry banners, make social and political change through this medium? Blogging raises a lot of questions for me, mainly where do I fit in this genre?

I don’t like to talk about talk about talk about talk about W, but I will read and listen because it’s the responsible thing to do. I don’t believe there is a Truth, only the individual and collective truths of our lives. I really believe that belief in an objective and universal Truth had gotten us into a lot of the trouble we are in—if you don’t adhere to my Truth then you are a heretic, infidel, traitor. That’s me, I guess, heretic, infidel, traitor. Lover of my country and, more important, of the planet to whom my primary citizenship belongs. Lover of women. Lover of humans who love and respect the planet and women. 1960s civil rights activist, 1970s feminist, peacenik, gay rights activist, all of those continuing right down thru the decades to 2005. Beauty is rafting down a river, hiking in a canyon where the night stars reach down and touch my eyes. Goodness is in the ways we try to make a difference in this troubled world, through our marching, sharing information, believing it will–IT WILL–end up all right, living by our deeply held spiritual values (I’m not talking about religion here), refusing to be domesticated, insisting on our radical loving voices being heard. In the words of Holly Near, “We are a gentle loving people, singing, singing for our lives.”

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That was as wonderful a first blog as I have seen. It is good to have your wisdom and your voice on DS. I love the phrase you used – radical loving voices – sent a shiver down my spine. For me that is what this community it “radical loving voices” trying to touch the lives around us. Thanks for coming out to sing with us – sing for our lives.

Comment by andrei 06.18.05 @ 4:08 pm

Well, your blog got me to finally come and check out the new site, how’s that for success!? I love your radical honesty with your thoughts about blogging, impressions, expressions. It’s great to see your words here in this forum. and now some of mine are here too. Welcome to both of us 🙂

Comment by Sherry 06.22.05 @ 10:10 am

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