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Probability Drive
Wednesday June 22nd 2005, 11:22 am
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What if? What if Douglas Adams was right? Maybe you’ve heard of him, the author of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams, now deceased, passed away while working on the movie adaptation of his infamous BBC radio show. He’ll be missed for his ability to make wisdom with satire. (May he rest in peace.) But, what if he was correct in his premise that the answer to life the universe and everything really was forty two. And when presented with the conundrum that the answer is forty two; then what exactly was the question? Adams, much more cleverly than I could ever wish to, explains a scenario where the “Mice” (specifically little white lab rats) have commissioned the creation of planet Earth, complete with the requisite humans. (Much ado to the theme of intelligent design.) Where the human experience, with all its foibles and complexities and contradictions, becomes the engine of a probability drive configured to find the question whose answer is forty two. You know; life the universe and everything. A seemingly implausible and outrageous parody on the human condition.

Yet, maybe there’s a shred of truth to it. What is the human experience? Not withstanding our interaction with this physical dimension; the human experience takes place completely in our minds. Every sensation, every memory, every reflection, every dream of everyone of us resides only in our own minds. And there is quite a few of us now. Somewhere in my lifetime there was a point, in the growing human population, that the number of people alive had exceeded the number of people that had lived collectively for all the previous generations of human beings combined. Quite a feat, a bumper crop.

Please, hold that thought. And let’s return to the notion of a probability drive, powered by human experience and therefore human thought. Next, let’s consider that every day you and I, and all of us, create our reality with our minds. You see the sun rise, you see the sun set, you burn your hand, the physical world is experienced by the brain. From our very first breath at birth, to that cup of joe’ this morning, to the words on this page, reality is driven by brain function. What is brain function? It is a collection of variable electrical circuits that spontaneously converts electrical energy into human experience. But, where for? But, why and to what ends?

And please forgive me, I do not portend to know what or why or who God is or is not. For my tastes; I accept that that is beyond human comprehension and not to be understood within the human experience. I, myself, do not know what God is because I can not know, it is beyond me. (And, I look warily upon those who claim they can. But that’s another discussion.) However, I do have an inkling into a process; a hypothetical, a theory. I do not want to present this as if it were fact. But, I do want to start the discussion, the communal brain activity.

What if the reason, the answer, the “42” of why we’re here is that we, with all our exasperated expressions and its cognitive experiences of the mind, are just a source of energy for something else. Intelligent designers maybe? Who knows, if we haven’t found out yet, then we most likely won’t or can’t or shouldn’t know, or it’s something else that we just learn later on, somewhere else in another time. But, what if it is still not our experience that’s important to our place in the universe, but it’s byproduct. What are we but beings that ingests chemical energy (food) that that converts it to mechanical and electrical energy. Most of our mechanical energy sets about keeping the machine running, things like eating and protecting our machine and don’t forget procreation; sex is a driver, progeny is an important factor in the availability of the byproduct. All the while this machine runs and produces this electrical energy that dissipates. Somewhere?

Let’s explore a metaphor: cattle give off flatulence of a methane gas . So much so, environmental groups worry about it. There a smart farmers out there that collect it and use it to produce electricity to run lights and milking machines in dairy farms. Now do cattle know they do this? Mostly likely not. Do they care, well we can’t know, so let’s assume not. Is there by-product of their machine that transfers into pure energy? Yes, there is. Now, I don’t want to reduce the entire human experience into so much flatulence. But, I hope you can discern my point. There we have it, a point to start the discussion: Is there a byproduct of human thought? Can we embrace that somehow and affect it?

Just imagine if we could.

Then, I have a request:

Just for a moment.

Consider Peace.


Just consider it.

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Very thought provoking. Douglas Adams’ wisdom is staggering. He hitched a ride before his time. I can’t help but wonder if it’s because he learned everything he needed to. Maybe he had figured out the question, or uncovered the white mice behind the curtain, and went on to the next level before any of us.

Comment by eric 06.22.05 @ 11:41 am

Hmmm…So, I believe that to an extent we create our own reality with our thoughts and intentions. I believe that this is only one state in a list of many that our “spirit” will encounter on its journey. I don’t pretend to know for sure what “spirit” is, but I like to think that it is my true self, my essence. And do I believe that my essence can effect life/energy/ on a larger scale? Well, yes I do! So, peace it is! Hey, can’t hurt huh?

Comment by Shelby 07.15.05 @ 1:42 pm

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