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Self-made delusion
Saturday July 16th 2005, 5:51 pm
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Lately, I’ve been indulging in a little tooth pulling, this time in the form of a biography on the Bush family.

    The Family

, by Kitty Kelley. Read it! Then you’ll come to undertand what I have. “Crazy” is not always surrounded by padded walls. Sometimes “Crazy” is surrounded by lots and lots of money. In the book, Kitty mentions that all of the Bush children (meaning the generation currently holding America’s future in the same hand they use to adjust their manhood with) consider themselves to be self made individuals. Now, those of you paying attention know that this is just silly. It is no coincidence that these kiddies made their millions during the time their “Poppy” was in the White House. I’m sure nobody spelled it out for them, but if you’re a rich guy looking for political favors, and the son of an incompetent but verY friendly to business president comes a knockin’ looking for a loan or investment, what are you going to do? Ask for collateral? You give them the money, pat them on the back, send gifts to their family and look the other way when they cut and run with your cash. Whether the Bush kiddies know it or not, they’ve had it easy, even for rich kids.

All this talk of “self made millionaires” by these silver spoon base heads got me thinking. Is it possible to be a self made millionaire at all? When you think about it, and actually give credit where credit’s due, the very concept is an impossibility. Most of the people who wear the title “self made millionaire” like a badge actually have lots of people working for them, toiling away in factories and shops making the goods and providing the services to the customers who pay the money so this guy can walk around acting like a big shot. And then for him to turn around and act like none of those other people even exist? If he’s not going to give them an equal share of the profits, then he can at least give them credit.

Even if he’s into stocks, he’s not making the money himself. Those stocks, after all, are representative of investments Mr. Rich Dick has made in actual companies with actual people doing actual work making actual money which this guy pockets and pretends he earned all by himself.

And what about all the other people in their lives. Family, friends, business partners. You know that old saying, “tell a child he’s stupid enough times and eventually they’ll come to believe it.” Well, the same effect occurs with positive statements. Again, the “self-made” millionaire fails to recognize all of those people who made sure (s)he grew up healthy and strong and educated. No one thrives in this world all by themselves. As much as some don’t want to believe it, nobody achieves anything without the help of at least one other person. It’s, as I said before, an impossibility.

So, how ’bout it, Mr. President? Are you and all those other pompous, self-delusional, “self-made” rich folk going to fess up and admit you had a LOT of help making your fortunes? Yeah, right! Like he’s reading this blog.

Chris Pollick

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Yes, it riles my feathers every time I hear this kind of self-made talk by people who’ve always had more than their share of wealth from the start. More often than not, they get on to the survival of the fittest, the whole Social Darwinian argument to boot; as if poor people are poor because they aren’t capable of evolving – that is to the rules made up by the elite powers in the first place…sure. Self agrandizement at it’s most crass. I guess Bush wouldn’t do to well to take the Darwinian tack–it might be more like the god directly granted him the wisdom to be rich at the expense of others less fortunate than himself.

Comment by tao 08.22.05 @ 8:39 pm

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