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Promoting Liars
Tuesday August 02nd 2005, 11:17 am
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It’s not like we didn’t expect it, we’d been warned for days and the rhetoric had been swirling around for the past five months. The Senate had allowed the stall to continue on; with no end in sight. But, it happened anyway. Today, I am quite concerned about the story evolving around John Bolton’s appointment to the United Nations. Another liar, this time a top tier liar, has ascended his way into further influence at the behest of our fearless leader. No one should be in the least surprised. Yet, I find myself fighting this overwhelming feeling of helplessness. After all we are the generation that is discovering that mind energy shapes our reality; our collective individual experience. Why then are we allowing our leaders to have such a nebulous relationship to the truth.

To redact this momentarily, let us recall:

The White House mater puppeteer, Carl Rove, has no problem with bold face lying to a Grand Jury about the outing of a political opponent in the now infamous Valerie Plame case. And why not, any attempt to illuminate the actual truth behind the scenes of Rove & Co. risks complete professional and personal destructions at the hands of the minions who are this black cloud over us. (Just look at what he tried to do to Valerie.)

The director of this theatre of the absurd, Dick Cheney, doesn’t work for you and me; concerned citizens of the USA. He is still on the payroll of Halliburton. Already billing the American taxpayer $2.5 billion dollars and projected to spend in excess of $8 Billion by the conclusion of conflict in Iraq. Halliburton execs must just giggle when they consider that before they installed their employee in the White House they were billing the defense department less that $500 thousand year. I’m sure Dicky is due a bonus when he retires from the White House. Kinda like a golden parachute, but considering his stock positions and the profits he’s realizing for Halliburton, more like a golden Lear Jet.

Lest we forget the star of the charade, “W”. Chosen by the Almighty and doing His work to bring Christ’s Peace to our world.

Then a minor character in a supporting roll, John Bolton, is thrust into a leading roll. Just last week at the realization that John Bolton was being installed at the U.N. the State Department release the information that he lied to the Senate at his confirmation hearings.

It is no surprise that the truth means so little to the leaders when there are so many among us the a willing to be lied to. And among those willing to hear lies, the subset of those who require the lies: because the truth would be; oh so chilling.

Which leave me concerned greatly as to what ends John Bolton has been released unto the United Nations; for what underlying and unstated purpose? He’s a faithful liar, willing to do his part; take one for the team. But, what dastardly task is he being sent to undertake? It’s painfully obvious, to anyone who chooses not to be oblivious, that the Iraq occupation is not going well. That begs the question why there isn’t an international peace keeping force in place to give this entire endeavor a hint of legitimacy? (We’ve all know the Blue Helmets.) Because they are not invited! Before countries will come in and assist, the US forces would have to share control and the US businesses would have to share the wealth. Something neither has been willing to do so far. And why should they? They have a blank check that’s making a whole consortium of players wealthy for generations. And there is no mechanism in place to reign in the madness. The House just rolls over and the Senate reminds me of my eight grade civics class; deciding who and how and when lunch will get delivered to the class, but powerless to change things in the real world.

Which leads me here again to a call to action for all or anyone who will listen:

Call out the LIARS! I know you can’t go to the office and shout and start cussing at the bastards. Most likely half the people there will be quite offended, vested in their nebulous truth. Having a subset within, of the bullying type, that if you don’t shut up, they will shut you up!

So, I humbly request you do one better. That you change your own mind. Quietly and without a spoken word, in your own mind call the LIARS out. Know that you are no longer willing to be lied to. No bullying can stop you. No one even needs to know. But we are the generation that is living with the fact that we all create our own reality, by our own actions, and that starts within our own minds. It’s becoming the only place left where free speech is really free. If we can, one by one in our own minds, no longer accept the LIARS word. Somehow, I believe if we can do that, we can affect the consciousness of those around us in a way that makes the lies less believable. Realize that we have a long way to go to have Peace be our state of mind and have Peace become what we experience. Yet, we must start somewhere.

LIAR! LIAR! Minds on fire!


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Thank you for suggesting a tool that can be used to alleviate that feeling of helplessness that I’m sure all of us feel at one time or another in terms of our government. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by it all that I just need to shut down and my instinct is to bury my head in the sand. But that would be bad. I know I know.

Comment by shelby 08.03.05 @ 10:54 am

argh – so true. i mean what the hotanany are these pea brains doing?

Comment by andrei hedstrom 08.04.05 @ 9:22 pm

I whole-heartedly agree. A root change in our consciousness can begin to shape those around us and out the lying liars, in fact it is already doing so, in minute ways that may not seem like much, just yet. Yup, the old journey of say a thousand odd miles or so began and continues on…here at D.S. Good Bloggin, with nice links and a lot of passion. Thank you.

Comment by Tao 08.06.05 @ 3:22 am

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