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A Beginning
Saturday August 20th 2005, 3:30 pm
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My first blog! Where to start? I’m feeling excited and honored to have an opportunity to contribute to this growing community of women and men who are committed to a process that requires connection with oneself as well as with those in this DS community and way beyond. The internet, as a form and process of social connection and action, is not the most familiar way for me to be engaged in “movements for social/political/environmental change and healing. My roots lie in movements for social justice that date back to the early civil right, peace (anti-war), feminist/women’s liberation, and lesbian/gay rights/liberation. I’m most familiar with meetings, marches, planning sessions, getting together face to face to work out philosophy and strategy, endless discussions over “process sovaldigeneric.net.,” lots of visioning with attempts to live those visions, leaving room always for play and celebration. It was/is for me all about connection and passion for a better world without losing my awareness and appreciation of all that is right on our planet. Clearly that process of connection and desire for a “better world, ” as well as recognition of those events and experiences to be celebrated, is in motion here on Driving Socrates, and multitudes of other sites. In adding my voice to this community, I will bring my ongoing, deep passions for social justice (which call into question for me always the role of patriarchal societies and institutions in creating and maintaining incredible discrepancies in privilege and power on this planet); I will bring my love for the natural world and my deep concerns about the erosion of our environment; I will bring my hopes about a world without violence; I will bring my strong biases that women must organize, whether that’s sitting in circles together to begin to learn how to truly love and accept ourselves and our bodies, or camping out in front of Bush’s ranch to insist on the truth about the occupation of Iraq; I will bring my awareness and interests in the healing arts; I will bring myself with all my baggage and biases and years. So there it is — a beginning. My first blog!

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Welcome, Donna. We’re excited about having you as a member of the DS team! I’m looking forward to learning about your experiences and sharing in your knowledge.

Comment by hyperlexic 08.20.05 @ 5:39 pm

Welcome aboard Donna, glad to have you sharing in the passion to speak up. Blog on!

Comment by PodcastForPeace 08.20.05 @ 11:09 pm

I look forward to your wisdom. I’m so glad to see you here.

Comment by chrisybug 08.21.05 @ 10:29 am

me too, any chance to get pieces of Donna’s wisdom and experience is a gift.

Comment by Sherry 08.21.05 @ 10:55 am

Donna, this feels momentous that so many particularly talented people are adding their unique voices to the mix at DS; what a blessing it is to have your wealth of experience and thoughtfullness. I have long been interested in sublimating the weird gender roles patriarchal societies and institutions place on humanity, so I am particulary interested in your thoughts on this subject. Welcome!

Comment by tao 08.22.05 @ 6:45 pm

What can I say Donna. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. One of the things our online community needs it the ability to take relevant successes of offline activism for use online. This is a dialogue and it is new ground, and to be successful we need people like you and Sue who have this experience to keep an eye toward applying those organizational and communication ideas to this community as well. In particular I am very interested in how you built community and how those strategies and techniques might be used to grow our community here at DS.

In addition, I have been contemplating how we can create trails out of the online world to the offline world. I.e. social actions that are more conventional (marches, print, lectures, art projects, demonstration, etc.) being inspired or begun online. I think there is a real opportunity to explore this connection and to build it with this community of people with experience in both on and offline activism.

So my first question would be – can you share any initial thoughts you have around strategies you have used previously and how they might inform and or shape the strategies for our growth and development as a progressive community attempting to make a difference?

Comment by andrei hedstrom 08.23.05 @ 11:53 am

Hey, Donna, how great to be able to share this forum, as we have so many others, with you! I am struck by what you wrote and by Andrei’s reflection about how we bring our on-the-ground activism to this on-line environment, and then we have the challenge to to use what we do in this online community to inspire us to go out and make more waves in the on-ground environment. I personally find this forum to provide information that I don’t always have access to, to expand my political analysis of a cross-section of issues, and give me a place to test ideas. I think the most important thing about this community is its multidimensional nature–we have a little of everything in terms of focus, helping us all to be more broadly conscious.

Comment by Sue 08.24.05 @ 12:54 pm

Thanks for the wonderful comments. I’m definitely feeling welcomed! And Andrei, I will take your questions to heart and perhaps, in collaboration with my partner in crime, put out some thoughts about strategies for creating positive change!

Comment by Donna 08.26.05 @ 11:35 am

I cant wait to see what you partners in crime and revolution come up with. I also like Sue’s on the ground distinction – instead of the word so many of us nerds use – offline.

One of my favorite things at DS so far is to see the growing welcome of new bloggers. Some day a welcome will be 100 comments!

Comment by andrei hedstrom 08.27.05 @ 1:36 am

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