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Know what’s true.
Wednesday August 31st 2005, 9:57 pm
Filed under: politics,Truth
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Ditman and Olympic off of I-5 .
Los Angeles, CA.
August 2005

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Is that a photoshop or a real sign?

Comment by hyperlexic 08.31.05 @ 10:03 pm

wide 350x260

Pretty darn real… The text is photoshop – but a true statement…

It’s hard to believe. I first noticed the sign while heading South on I-5. I have never seen anything like this before. It’s so eerie. I decided to exit and to get closer to the sign for a photo. To my surprise the gas station was nowhere to be found! Could this be the future of oil I thought to myself.

Here are some links worth reading:

In 1995, 9 Nigerian environmental activists were hung in order to prevent them from “stopping (the) pollution of their homeland and getting a fair share of oil profits. ”

Shell was a key player. Read it here:



Also, do you know where you dollars go when you buy fuel?

This is something interesting to read:


You may want to print this out and keep it handy.

Somethine extra to enjoy:


Comment by eyeseetruth 08.31.05 @ 10:09 pm

Thanks eyeseetruth — powerful statement and very good links.

The essentialaction.org link may be an almost perfect example of how to present critical and detailed information on educational topics at Driving Socrates, perhaps the informational resource guide section to be? It’s concise and easy to read, with a clear depth of information and excellent documentation of sources.

I remember when Ken Saro-Wiwa was framed for murder and hung, along with eight other activists. (A definitive case against military tribunals by the way) I felt such a rage knowing the Shell corporation got away with its role in what can only be seen as a serial murder of local community activists, right in front of the world, and in 1995! Now 10 years later, I still can hardly fathom it. Blood for Oil to be sure, with absolute impunity.

Comment by tao 09.02.05 @ 10:37 pm


Thank for sharing your thoughts on this sensitive topic. I too experienced a sharp feeling of rage when I learned how Shell coupled with the Nigerian government exterminated nine brave souls.

Your idea of having an Information Resource Guide is brilliant. We definitely should have something like this.

Celebrate the first amendment.


Comment by eyeseetruth 09.03.05 @ 8:54 pm

Ok, so I’m just going to write it. I don’t agree with posting photoshopped images without noting that they are such. Sorry, it’s just the way I feel. Anything else is a lie. The statement remains powerful even if you acknowledge the embellishment. I feel that exaggerations such as these are just what gives fuel to the fire of those with different viewpoints. Exaggerations, jokes, and rants just make it easier for them to feel justified when they turn a blind eye to some of the statements that are made, even if they are simply the painful truth. There. Been sittin on that one for a week… Thanks for listening.

Comment by shelby 09.07.05 @ 3:46 pm


I respect your perspective and appreciate your honesty.

Generally speaking and not directly to you…

As an artist I see the importance in presenting an image to encourage others to think. Visual allegories have been used for centuries in art. Some are quite obvious while others are not.

I’m not trying to fool people into thinking that this sign actually exists. I’m trying to focus on a serious topic which is that innocent people are dying for the greed of oil.

For “those with different viewpoints” as you stated I want to hear how they justify the murder of innocent lives for oil.

Focus on the message and not so much on the execution of the image. This is not CNN. This is a place where we challenge each other to “open” our eyes, ears and minds to truth.

Provoking anger within you is intentional. We all need to wake up and join hands. We need to make an effort as a group to put an end to the excessive use of oil and the hideous crimes tolerated by corporations and governments.

I will continue to post images on this Blog and from time to time I may manipulate them but only for the sake of telling a story.

From now on I will clearly state in writing if an image has been manipulated along with the image.


Comment by eyeseetruth 09.07.05 @ 8:13 pm

I actually feel ok with photoshop pics – though I recognized that it is uncomfortable to be duped and that this is a fine line to walk.

shelby – i understand where you are coming from here. i do think there is at times a weakening of one’s point of view if exaggeration is used. However – do you really think there is no appropriate time for exaggeration as a form of protest? For instance I saw a photo of a very young boy being patted down at an airport security checkpoint. I don’t think this was the norm by any means and it did represent a far end of the bell curve in what was going on, but it was powerful. It brought to the forefront for me the absurdity in misdirecting our resources where making ourselves “safer” was concerned.

This image to me speaks powerfully and originally about an association that we must continue to build anger and dissent. How do we associate this anger and the impact of what is going on without combining the extreme words and images that need to be connected.

I also wonder – and I am truly questioning this so I welcome other ideas here – please. Does a certain amount of anger embolden our ability to protest? I mean, in truth are we angry enough to get things to change right now?

Part of me says – “stay agitated” or things will not change. If things are tame and people do not know how fed up and upset we are about the state of things, will they ever take note. If we are inside staring at our TVs shaking our heads instead of shaking this situation up what will change?

The other part of me goes Buddha and says everything is exactly as it should be.

But then that first part says – “shut up – your no Buddha dude. This is unacceptable –get to work” – haha.

Definitely a good discussion guys. Thanks.

Comment by andrei hedstrom 09.08.05 @ 10:25 pm

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