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The Perfect Storm
Monday September 05th 2005, 3:02 pm
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Yes I said it. Like they had God on their side, everything has been working like clockwork. There, I’ll say it again: our current administration has dominated like they had God on their side, everything has been working like clockwork; no enemy left unsmitten, no dissent left untortured, no truth left unsaid. They have had their war on terror, their war on drugs, their war on truth and their war on science.

Now, like some aspect of intelligent design, Mother Nature has come and dealt them a blow and exposed these underworld leaders, in their war on truth and war on science, like none of us mere mortals ever could. They have already begun mounting the lies to hide the exposed truth, revising history to make themselves hero’s. Which leads one to wonder, who among them will have failed so badly in this disaster that they receive medals from the president.

It continues to amaze me how the obvious and the studied and the highly touted facts that are available to this administration, get ignored. Let’s Start with the “Bin Laden determined to attack the United States” memo that was not considered important. Or the questionable WMD’s or the effects of an insurgency in Iraq; stem cell research or Global warming? Is there a fact or truth that has not been ignored to our detriment? This administration acts on ‘faith’ (or in it’s direct translation into modern English “lies”). The question has to become: why are they allowing these things to happen.

They are obviously not incompetent. Carl Rove, as insidious a human being that has ever ravaged our country, has done a remarkable job of understanding and manipulating or political process; unlike any politician in our history. That would lead me to believe that these facts were not ignored out of incompetence. But, a far more insidious and dishonorable intent is at play. It’s been made quite clear we were lied to by this administration into entering a war in Iraq for no reason the American people would have accepted. The Patriot Act continues to be used for proletariat control and the tactics of smear politics and character assassination have become a well know part of the American society.

We’re all aware that The Project For The New American Century discerned that we would never be able to realize control over the over Eurasia without intervention and that the world at large, and the American public in particular, would never allow our industrial military complex to move on it’s desired task with out a “Pearl Harbor Type Event”. Viola! 9/11. Not only a reason to bring out the dogs of war; but an avenue to take the transparency of or our government and cloak it in a veil of secrecy and contempt. We aren’t allowed to know the facts concerning all that is known about how it happened.

Yet, the fact remains that it was allowed to happen by this administration: complicity by omission.
Now Out of what would appear to be shear and utter incompetence the city of New Orleans was allowed to flood. Not by some foreign terrorists bomb or by even the hand of God (as some would have us believe). But, by what apparently was lack of good planning or heeding the warnings of the engineers and scietist that have predicted this was going to happen. Or more pointedly this administration repeated ignored the facts and refused to allow the upgrades required to repair the levee’s and opened up the buffering wetlands to development that would have deflected much of a hurricanes storm surge and its consequential damage.
The question now becomes: where for? Why did they allow this to happen? What is their cowardly plan?

The shock has not yet subsided; and the end to this debacle is nowhere in site. More than a million people are displaced and with out permanent shelter or jobs or means by which to produce in the communities in which they now take refuge. The Governor of Texas is ordering refuges to be taken to airports and removed from Texas. What is going to happen to these people when they finally land or worse when they finally give up an live on the streets in the city’s that won’t outlaw such activities. Are we headed to another depression type tent cities popping up outside urban centers?

If we are to look at who benefits from such disasters it’s not hard to see that the price of oil skyrocketed as the storm damage became clear and now Halliburton has already secured a 1/2 billion dollars to perform clean up operations.
Should I be afraid? I live in the city of San Francisco. There were three top concerns of our Federal Emergency Management Agencies thinkers as they accessed the possible worst case scenarios.

First: an attack on New York city, Second: a flood of New Orleans, Third: a major earthquake in San Francisco. Now we saw how easily planes attacked the World Trade Center, and the accused culprit behind the attacks remains at large. Was there cloud seeding in the storm clouds leading to the catastrophe Katrina. Scientist seem to agree that it wasn’t even necessary to have a storm of this magnitude. “Global warming” and the increased temperatures of the gulf waters were going to bring this on sooner than later. Apparently, we’ve known this for years. I just hope there are no secret experiments ongoing on how to trigger an earthquake.

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That is right. The only thing I find necessary to add is that it is not only Bush who should be changed. It is the whole system that let him rule the mightiest state on Earth needs to be totally changed.
¨…I have no fear of my enemies, since they can only kill me, I have no fear of friends, because they can only betray me. But I fear people whose silent content makes first and second possible…¨

Comment by dingo_the 09.05.05 @ 10:05 pm

dingo, you hit it. remember, the american, two-party election system is only ONE candidate more than a dictatorship. there needs to be more room for third-party candidates, more informed debate, less american-nationalistic jingoism and a better forum for hashing out important issues.

america has the ability to do extraordinarily good things – and not so good things. unfortunately, the country has been hijacked by leaders with direct ties to the oil and defense industries, and our policies directly enrich private groups that have no affiliation to the country at all.

Comment by hyperlexic 09.06.05 @ 10:59 am

I can only hope that they have no way to create earthquakes, but if they can actually control the weather? This piece totally made me shiver.

Comment by veronika 09.07.05 @ 4:38 pm

Really, a shiver? I guess I am doing my job. As for the weather control, there’s an international treaty against it. They wouldn’t do that if it weren’t possible, me thinks.
I more worry that now I hear in defense of the, “they refused to spend the money” argument, it is coming out the part of the levy that failed; the whole section had just been rebuilt. It begs the question: why did it blow out? Yes, I’m paranoid. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be true.

Comment by Danny Boyle 09.07.05 @ 7:50 pm

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re *not* after you. =)

Comment by veronika 09.08.05 @ 12:46 pm

yes – so much chilling stuff. I like what dingo said. there is a system to truly evaluate here. i am not much for paranoia, but i do believe that certain systems of thought and action point towards certain problems. for example a corporation must remain profitable. if it does not, it ceases do exist. history is littered with examples of these corporations making very poor decisions to stay profitable and only reversing those decisions once it is no longer profitable to avoid change. this takes no conspiracy. if we embrace and encourage a culture where monetary value is held above life value in so many areas of our thought and action – well who needs a conspiracy? The beast must be fed.

Comment by andrei hedstrom 09.08.05 @ 10:07 pm

Regarding Veronika’s comment about controlling earthquakes and the weather: I can only wonder what impact our bombings in Iraq had on the geologic infrastructure of the region. How does it tie in with the massive quake in Pakistan? Please forgive the crude analogy, but when you eat corn, you poop corn. (yeah, I know that’s gotta win the prize for least elegant restatement of the Butterfly effect)

Comment by peter 11.10.05 @ 9:21 am

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