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Biniyam, where art thou, Bro?
Saturday September 03rd 2005, 4:57 am
Filed under: Nature / Eco,politics,Truth
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Hey, Biniyam, whazzup? Are you still playing Jimi Hendrix´ stuff in dorm’s hall? You know, these were, probably, the best minutes in my life when you put meter-large loudspeakers into the hallway, switched your guitar on and played. Never tried to remember what you played, but the music was so good. Maybe even better than Johnny Walker that we used to drink on holidays in you room. That music was surely better than the pot that your neighbor Luke used to smoke.

I think your music was a continuation of your stories about your father who trades diamonds in Africa and knows dozens of African languages. Or about your family at the distant Dahalak island in Red Sea. Actually, it does not exist. Why would ay place exist if there is no Coke vending machines or BOA subsidiary out there?
Do you remember Francis Quadrangle and Pershing Commons? Or you are 100 % Lousianian fella now?


Hey, fella, what’s going on with that stupid hurricane in Louisiana? Are you ok? Binyam, maybe you move out to sweet ol´ Mizzou while it crashes everything on the South? Hope you are well.

Do you remember that gal – Korey? Yah, the one I met at the pool. It is a pity you moved to Louisiana – I wanted to ask you to find her phone. All other friends from Mizzou promised to search it but no one ever tried to. They think I am just a weirdo, trying to find a gal, to which I have talked last time in 2002. I know you would search for it, since she is the last creature I have strong feelings toward. heh, why am I telling you all that. It is 4 years that you know all that stuff.

Anyway, take care.


Binyam, what is going on? I wanted to call you, but I still do not have you phone. Send it to me. I have a program to call through PC real cheep. Hope that the hurricane has not damaged your university campus. Send me your number if you can.


I always knew what global warming is, but thought of it as something distant, of no consequence for me. Now I see it is different. We give pollute more and receive hurricanes that become more and more nasty.
We drill oil and enjoy our hundred of horsepower in each engine. Those who feed bring us petroleum have enough money to buy journalists and scientists to tell us that the pollution is not that nasty. Right. It is not that nasty, but I do not know what happened with my friend. And that is really nasty.

I do not want to think about that. I hope that everything is OK with my friend in distant Louisiana. I am just getting scared that a nation who sacrificed so much lives and money into ¨bringing democracy¨ to places where the oil flows from is so reluctant to protect its citizens.

Has anybody ever heard of a pipeline damaged in Iraq? No. Because they are guarded too good. Instead of guarding people, the pipelines are being guarded.

The carbone dioxide lobby who made Americans fight for ¨freedom¨ in hostile desert is totally responsible for what is happening in New Orleans. More money for weapons, more oil, more hoursepowers, more emissions, more profits, more hurricanes and floods, more lobbyists….more wag the dog, more people who do not know what happened with their friends.

And surely, when there is more and more money spent for weapons, there arrive more and more terrorists. It turns out they are everywhere. It is them, who do not allow us to protect our citizens. Their existence is the reason for you to give up your freedoms… It all sounds like a big paranoia… I just want to find my Bro Biniyam.

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i enjoyed the style of this blog – how you started it with letters to your friend – and then followed it wiht your commentary. It really humanized what is going on. I feel for you and your search for your friend. I hope that all is well and that you find him soon and that everyone is ok. Thanks for sharing this Dingo. Welceom to DS!

Comment by andrei hedstrom 09.03.05 @ 3:37 pm

Welcome aboard! Hopefully your friend is safe and recovering. Let us know of his fate; once you learn.
I find myself amazed at the speed at which this community is expanding and now I am more amazed at the reach around the world the expansion has taken on. Thanks for joining us, bring your friends. Blog on!

Comment by PodcastForPeace 09.03.05 @ 4:51 pm

I am glad that my flow of consciousness is understandable. Just yesterday few hours after posting the blog Binyam sent me an e-mail. He is in Georgia now. He said ¨Andrez, let’s pray for all those people in trouble¨. No preaching here.

Comment by dingo_the 09.04.05 @ 8:10 am

best wishes from the UK

Comment by triplejay 09.04.05 @ 4:48 pm

and from San Francisco California! I am glad Binyam is safe and sound.

Comment by andrei hedstrom 09.04.05 @ 10:49 pm

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