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Abundance in the pantry
Thursday September 08th 2005, 11:06 pm
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I am about to go to Costa Rica for 2 weeks on the most luxurious vacation I’ve had ever. We are going to celebrate 10 years of marriage and we’ve been planning this trip for over a year now. We leave on Saturday. When Katrina hit, the first time I noticed that the tragedy had left my mind, I noticed I was packing for my trip. I thought how unjust it seemed that I was going to Costa Rica to bask in the sun, rest, relax, rejuvinate, and generally just BREATHE when not only people in Louisiana, but all over the world, are suffering so. Wrestling with trying to find a perch from which to devise a persception about ideas like this is something I generally shy away from, try to distract myself from, because the pain of it all is too much to handle. I know this is cowardly but trying to figure out a responsible way to BE around these issues, which include class, race, luck, fate, chance, is so overwhelming to me. Katrina brings this issue in front of me again and I am forced to wrestle with the thoughts that won’t leave me be.

A friend emailed today and said she is taking a doctor, an acupuncturist, a couple of other people and a big truck (she’s also a massage therapist) and driving to Louisiana to help. She found some organizations that can use her and she is mobilizing. She asked for donations of items they could take with them and offered a list to start from with ideas. So many of those items were things I just “had in my house”, had EXTRA of, was hoarding for a time when they would be needed. (Even a COPY MACHINE, which was on the list and in my garage!)

Well they’re needed now! I cried as I pulled together bags of toiletries, linens, FOOD. As I stood at the door of my pantry, after filling two bags full of food, canned food, grains, cliff bars, emergen-C packets, I looked and saw that even after taking all of those things out, we still had extra, plenty, an abundance of food. I could barely notice a difference in our supply of food. I just sat on the floor as this huge reminder of the abundance in my life washed over me.

I am fairly aware of this abundance on a day to day basis. A daily gratitude list helps me to stay in touch with how blessed I am in this world. But to sense this on a deeper more base level, has left me feeling guilt, helplessness, thankfulness, and some fear.

I played a “game” this weekend called the Abundant River. This game leaves you with homework to do over the next week after you play the game. My task was to ask one person a day what they have in abundance in their life. Today my answer is even more far reaching within my life and includes the most basic necessities…food, clothing, shelter, care, safety.

What do you have in abundance today?

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Wow – what an amazing first blog! Welcome to the community of DS bloggers. You are welcome here. Another part of the road we share now.

I love that you shared these vulnerable moments and your honesty about your feelings and thoughts made me consider my own reactions to the losses people are suffering everyday on our little blue marble.

I feel like this will be a big consideration while we are on our vacation. I don’t typically quote the bible these days, but there is a quote that comes to mind from the new testament book of Luke 12:48 “To whoever much is given, much will be required; and to whom much was entrusted, more will be asked.”

It makes me think that more than ever before we are entering a time when those who have been given much will face this more and more. How do we share in a society where sharing goes against common convention, when the hell bent get ahead attitude would drive us past our needy neighbors?

How do we turn our lives and energies towards impacting these gross inequities when we are assaulted by an army of silly products bombarding our psyches? I don’t know the answer but I think we better find it.

Unloading the pantry is a fine start. Feeling the tears – the sting of sorrow for those who are in need – this is a powerful start. The more we open the places we are hurting – the more likely they will make difference in the world.


Comment by andrei hedstrom 09.08.05 @ 11:27 pm

I have an abundance of freedom in my life. I have tons of freedom in my job, and how I go about doing it. I am given an abundance of freedom in my marriage – freedom to do what I want, freedom to feel however I feel in any given moment, freedom to be whoever I am in any moment. I have freedom in my choice about what kind of day I’m going to have today. I have the freedom to get in my car and drive home tonight. I have the freedom to stop by the store on the way home if I need anything, or even go out to dinner if I so choose.

Funny that this is what came to mind, when so many people in this world do not have these freedoms, and even those in my own country who are suffering in the aftermath of Katrina. (Aren’t you glad that’s not YOUR name, by the way?? Good grief! What an association!) It also brings to mind so many of the freedoms that we are fearful of losing these days, what with our new “Homeland Security” measures and all.

But for today, I feel pretty damn free. And I am thankful for that. Thanks SS, for taking me out myself for a moment. 🙂 Love you!

Comment by shelby 09.09.05 @ 2:50 pm

out OF myself, is what I meant to say. sorry…

Comment by shelby 09.09.05 @ 2:53 pm

Thanks for your thoughts, reflections, and challenges, Zoe. I’m thrilled to know that I can look forward to more blogs from you. The first one was stunning. Love & Peace!

Comment by Donna 09.09.05 @ 3:31 pm

You are an abundance in my life, your caring in this world enriches my life, leaves me with more than enough.
There is so much I have, safety and love, beauty and health, food and home…I never stop being thankful.

Comment by chrisybug 09.13.05 @ 7:17 pm

i love this so much. i am feeling a material abundance in the pantry but am struggling with a spiritual apetite – luxory problems. Thanks for this moving peice Zoe.

Comment by andrei hedstrom 09.29.05 @ 7:55 pm

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