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Thursday September 15th 2005, 11:06 pm
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Tonight I had a vision.

I’m one who acts out their vision.

I’ve decided that starting next Monday I will walk to work. I will retire my car. I will retire using oil.

I can survive without oil. Can you?

I will contact the LA Times. I will tell them what I’m doing. I want a story, and I want the masses to know that they have an option.

I want to spread the word.

More American’s need to stand up against the SYSTEM, question it and fight it!

It’s wrong for our government to MAKE us pay the absurd cost of what’s left of a limited resource.

We have all the technology, know-how and ability to use alternative fuels. Yet the corporations that manipulate our political system want consumers to use oil and other things that we don’t need. Why? Because they get rich from it. Nothing is in higher demand than oil. Nothing. Prove me wrong. Please…

My identity will be revealed when you read my story.

Enough with OIL.

Enough with BUSH.

Enough with Bush’s Politics.

Enough with Corporate Greed.

I’m doing this for all of us.

What are you going to do?

It takes more than one to change.

Persuade. Influence. Change.


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I hope your walk to work tomorrow shows the world a better way. thank you for making a stand.

Comment by chrisybug 09.15.05 @ 11:55 pm

As you are proving in an inspiring way, no one makes us use oil. Oil is the blood that flows though the jugular of our industrialized way of life. What would happen if oil vanished, this very instant? I can’t claim to know, no one can, but one thing I’m sure of is it would cause very destructive chaos. Oil is something we need to ween ourselves off of, no doubt. I hold out hope for all the bright minds that research alternatives, and applaud anyone who is willing to change their oil use habits, whether by driving a hybrid, changing their driving habits, or giving it up altogether. Best of luck with your endeavor, please let us know how it goes. I wish I could follow in your example, but there’s no way I could walk the distance that takes me half an hour to drive to work, and there are no jobs close enough to walk to that can pay me enough to afford where I live, and so on, and so on… These are the knots we have tied ourselves in…

Comment by eric 09.16.05 @ 1:00 pm

Eric, nobody makes you to quit using oil this weekend. But the inquiry to your representer in Congress a grassroot effort can make a difference.
Oil is like a drug that we have been consuming for too long to quit like that. In fact, there are plenty of technologies that would allow us to live without oil. Hydrogen or electricity-powered cars are mature enough to go into mass production. But we also have oil lobby. I think oil lobby threatens US way more than any terrorost could imagine.
If the oil lobby is not stopped America will end up loosing its technological edge…

Comment by dingo_the 09.17.05 @ 2:40 am

I like your analogy of drug addiction. And we’re not simply addicted to oil, we’re addicted to energy. Oil is a means to an end, that’s obvious. What’s not obvious now is whether we’ll actually find a way of producing energy that doesn’t in some aspect harm people or nature. We’re ever bound by the laws of thermodynamics; we’ll never be able to create energy from nothing, no matter what Coast to Coast callers say. I can’t help but wonder sometimes if it’s like trying to cure a heroin addiction by inventing a safer form of the drug. We need to ween ourselves off of it as much as we need to find alternative sources. I heard recently that gas would need to hit $5 a gallon before Americans started to change their driving habits. Sure, I’m annoyed by the high price of gas , but I say let it be as ludicrously expensive as it is in the UK, or other parts of the world. We’re going to have to get our act together sooner rather than later, and start actually giving a crap about the future. We just need the proper motivation.

Comment by eric 09.17.05 @ 11:21 pm

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