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Sunday Funnies
Sunday October 16th 2005, 11:54 pm
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Hey Everybody. We’ve been trying to figure out what it was that we could contribute to Driving Socrates. Starbucks is Trash has been fun, but we were thinking we should contribute something with a little more substance.

Like say…Comics!

Driving Socrates is a wonderful place for people to express themselves, to learn, and to share with others their wisdom and experiences. We’ve decided to share with this community a bit of humor. Every newspaper needs a comics page and so does every blog. And so was formed the Driving Socrates Comedy Team (still working on the name). We will try and contribute on a weekly basis hopefully on Monday mornings so that you all can do something at work except work. We’d like to think that our contributions will help you start your week off with a smile.

So many times we are forwarded interesting or funny or extraordinary emails from friends and family. Many times we’ve already seen the joke and sometimes not. Most times, though, we don’t enjoy them arriving in our inbox. We know how tempting it can be to want everybody in your address book to LOL and read “the funniest thing….ever!” but for the most part, we think we’d all prefer not to be inundated with jokes and the like.

So that’s where our column comes in. We will be including humorous pictures stories and things that maybe only we would find interesting. Eventually, we will figure out how to work this internet thing and have the movies included in the blog or at least on the DS website. For now, you’ll just have to click away to see our video of the week.

So here goes, the first edition of Sunday Morning Comics….on Monday!

Pictures of the week:


You Are Making Kitty Very Nervous

This is an amazing snapshot of an Otter witnessing a murder.
Otter Witness

“When I get out of here I’m going to slowly kick your ass.”
When I get out of here I\'m going to slowly kick your ass

It wouldn’t be a DS Comics page without a little political humor…

An Impeachable Lie
Impeachable Lie

Sign of the Week.
not same truck

Video of the week:
Copy and paste this link in your brower….yes, clickable links coming soon!!!!


Well folks, that it for now. Look for us next week!

Driving Socrates Comedic Supervisory Committee…really we need help with the name.

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I love the sloth! Too funny. And if someone is reading this who hasn’t clicked on the link to to video – Please do it. It’s to die for…

Comment by shelby 10.17.05 @ 4:06 pm

Love the otter! Too funny. These are great. YAY for the funnies!

Comment by Sherry 10.17.05 @ 4:10 pm

this is fantastic!!! a great addition to the community. I cant wait to see this unfold and this first was is great. i too love the commentary on the sloth. i did once have my ass kicked by a sloth, and man was it the slowest ass kickin I have ever received – slower than the time that turtle bodyslammed me.

Hey dude I think you should have a “Famous Last Words” section. Here are some for this week:

“This boat is comfortable, but its really tippy…”

Comment by andrei hedstrom 10.17.05 @ 7:51 pm

This is great!! Welcome and thank for being here! What a treat this morning is with all this laughter.

Comment by chrisybug 10.30.05 @ 10:56 am

The K Chronicles are superb. How many times have we all thought about that comparison…. Catching up with the Blogs I’ve missed is informative and fun–this is a welcome addition–comic relief!

Comment by tao 11.05.05 @ 9:19 pm

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