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Bombs Away!
Saturday November 12th 2005, 2:21 pm
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What with actually having a job and the chasing the unending cycle of the Moon on a Podcast For Peace, I haven’t taken the time to post my views in a while. Besides things seemed to be going so well. What a breath of fresh air Patrick Fitzgerald was, the press briefing to accompany the Scooter Libby indictment was a civics lesson our country needed badly. It was in such stark contrast to the to the clouded double speak and obvious mistruths that we are bombarded with daily as we consume our media. It changed things, the winds are different now, a new season is upon us. The evil consortium that has hijacked our country, and laid our good name to rest, has finally taken a blow it has not resisted. Yes, for a moment, things were looking good.
It’s Saturday morning and fashionably I gloat as I wallow in my hollow victory, perusing the liberal bastion of the Huffington Post with my fair traded organic dark roast in my hand; and what do I encounter? Something so vile and frightening that my repressive mechanism interceded and confused me, where I had to pause and slow my heart rate and take a second look; unable to restore my shattered calm. The GOP is circulating a confidential memorandum that “tauts a new terror attack is a way to reverse the recent party’s decline.”
Now let’s take a moment and put this in perspective: if this had been published in Arabic and the benefactor would have been some self-interest other than the country’s ruling party, this would be perceived to be a covert or subliminal order to a sleeper cell to launch an attack. IS IT? This week FOX networks Bill O’Reilly said an attack on San Francisco should be tolerated by “real” Americans, as we ‘re not freedom lovers here. Is he telling the sleeper cell their target? As American we should marshal our resources. The FBI and the CIA should be tracking down every copy of that memo and find it’s authors and interrogate them. Check their every phone call and every contact and their every penny spent. But alas, I forget, the people we’ve elected to protect us from such tragedy are the perpetrators of these crimes. And there is no one there; to watch the watchers.
They are our enemy. They will stop at nothing to have their power over us. Patrick Fitzgerald wielding the mighty truth and laying that first blow has only made the beast more angry. Now wounded and frightened, the beast is contemplating attack: who more among us has to die at the hands of these murderous thugs? I hope and I pray and cast spells of protection and harmony amidst those I love and those friends whom with I share the world. You should all, too.

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You know, I try not to give into my paranoia, but I did read somewhere (was it on this site, I can’t remember?) that said the three most crippling things to this country would be a terror attack on New York, a flood or hurricane hitting New Orleans, and a major earthquake hitting San Francisco. While I don’t know if people can control the weather, it seems easier to imagine that an earthquake could be triggered by putting explosives under the ground near a fault line. The prospect of something bad happening to the Bay Area terrifies me. I am firm believer that if our government did not help to orchestrate the 9/11 attacks, they did know about them and did nothing to stop them. The whole situation scares me senseless.

Comment by veronika 11.14.05 @ 12:13 pm

So, I have to be honest here, I’m skeptical. (Gasp!) I searched the internet for corroberating articles, and all pointed back to the originating source at Capital Hill Blue, a progressive web site. I’m not saying it’s not true, or couldn’t be true. Not at all. What I wonder is, why has this not hit the mainstream media? Especially as the tides seem to be changing? Wouldn’t some reporter be hungry to grab ahold of this and print it, say, in the NY Times? Or some other major news publication? Am I naive in thinking this way?

I always come at these things with the thought of what would happen if I presented it to my conservative family during a political argument. They would simply poo-poo the accusation that this memo and its implications exist, siting that it’s only being posted on “radical and progressive liberal” web sites. The would site “one insider said…one administration aide said…etc.” and say there’s no proof. So, what do I say to that?

Although there is no doubt in my mind that some in this administration do have these thoughts – I mean, it’s only logical…EVIL, but logical – I’m not sure that I buy that they would be so stupid as to circulate a memo such as this.

Comment by shelby 11.15.05 @ 5:04 pm

Oh, I’m talking about the memo saying that a terror attack on US soil would be a super way to reverse the GOP’s recent decline…

Comment by shelby 11.15.05 @ 5:05 pm

so the problem is that the mainstream media where most conservative americans get their information and “news” is way too narrow and has bred and rewarded a culture of irresponsibility.

their participation in moving our country to war – fueled by putting forth speculation and whole heartedly supporting the administration in its movement to turn potential threat into certain threat. They can not be trusted anymore.

There is an information devide now. Those who march to the single tune of a corporate media and the administration it has been following, and those who are digging for the information where they can find it.

While I dont waste my energy on paranoia or conspiracy theories, I am definately sickened by this memo, and find it typical of the lack of insight into the rest of our country’s reality. It is certainly the type of thing I could see being discussed, as their earlier reports (such as the Plan for a New American Century that V referrences) have been in existance for a while to exhibit this sort of thinking.

Thanks for the links Danny. Don’t let them get to you – keep on your road to peace – it is powerful and it is making a difference. Don’t let them drain you.

Save it for the game man. Save it for the game.

Comment by andrei hedstrom 11.17.05 @ 11:02 pm

also this site is a good place to check out the FOX madness.

Comment by andrei hedstrom 11.17.05 @ 11:07 pm

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