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Truth in Politics
Wednesday December 14th 2005, 4:44 pm
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The original headline said “I am responsible”. I couldn’t resist making the correction…


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he’s responsible, but will there be any consequences? no. they all got filthy rich, and we got the bill. feh.

Comment by hyperlexic 12.14.05 @ 7:49 pm


You’re right.

I see this trend everywhere.

Just last night I witnessed the power of the HOA board in my building which controls where our dues are going even if the services are not rendered as promised. This is so frustrating. Getting things to change within our own HOA isn’t as easy as it should be. On a larger scale it’s even more difficult to have an effect on city, corporate, national and international politics.

Our generation is the complacent generation. I feel like the ‘collective conscious’ of the American people is to just accept things for what they are whether it’s right or wrong. There are more people who don’t give a damn than those who do.

Where are the hippies of today who are protesting the war in Iraq? They are on-line chatting about issues in Blogs. What this Nation needs is a revolution. Those people who do give a damn need to unite and to make it clear that they have the collective authority and power to create change. Those people need to stand up and allow their collective intelligence and awareness deter corporations and American politics from further damage.

Here’s a fine example of what I mean. Check out http://www.freedomtotinker.com This blog is hosted by two brilliant Princeton professors how have used the power of the Blog and Intelligence to bring a massive Corporation like Sony to its knees. If you’ve been following the story you know that it all started when these guys started evaluating what Sony’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) software was doing to the computers of consumers… Horrifying!

The point is why do people settle for less? Because they haven’t experienced better, don’t see the benefits or simply don’t know. Sadly most people just don’t care.

Recently I hired painters to paint the interior walls of my home. The walls needed some work and there were numerous holes from plastic anchors that were removed. The painters spoke English perfectly however when I asked if they could patch up the holes and make the wall appear like there was never a hole there – they said “no problem”. Furthermore I pointed to an area of the wall which looked perfect and said “will it look like this?”. They said “yes”. It didn’t work out. I quickly learned that my standards are much higher than their’s. They were perfectly pleased with their results and trust me – it was no where near what I was hoping for.

This experience can be applied to just about anything in life. Those of us who want a better World to live in have to remember that most people just don’t care and that those who are in power are sadly corrupted by financial hypnosis.

// Rant Off…

Comment by eyeseetrush 12.14.05 @ 10:27 pm

My bad. Here’s the correct link.


Comment by eyeseetrush 12.15.05 @ 1:03 am

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