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Protest Starbucks: National Week of Action June 19th-25th
Thursday June 01st 2006, 6:44 pm
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Despite over five years of grassroots pressure, Starbucks continues to serve milk from cows that are injected with genetically engineered recombinant bovine growth hormone, also known as rBGH or rBST. Virtually every industrial country, except for the United States, has banned the sale of rBGH milk. Milk produced from cows injected with rBGH poses serious dangers to human health and the general welfare to dairy cows.

The time has come to kick rBGH off the market, once and for all. If Starbucks, a major buyer of milk, were to reject rBGH dairy products, we could effectively eliminate it from the market.

Similarly, while Starbucks has slowly bought more certified Fair Trade coffee, it represents only a very small percentage of their total coffee (about 3.7%). Starbucks rarely offers certified Fair Trade coffee as their coffee of the day, nor has it followed its own policy of brewing Fair Trade coffee, on demand.

1. Take the Starbucks Challenge! Hold Starbucks to their word. Simply visit your local Starbucks and ask: “Could I get a cup of fair trade coffee?” and let us know how it went.
2. Protest or Leaflet outside Starbucks stores. Download materials from the sidebar at right.
3. Be sure to let Starbucks know your thoughts, either online or with their postage paid comment cards available at their stores.

To sign up or for more information, please contact the OCA office at 218-226-4164 or

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Just a bit more info…

On a base level rBGH makes cows produce milk that is “materially different” than regular milk. I’ve heard it described as essentially increasing milk production, (while causing a marked increase in the stress on the animal and statistically lessening its lifespan) by having the animal create something akin to more “puss” that mixes into the milk.

As it is 3 major Oregon companies known for their dairy products discontinued the use of rBGH last year. These are Alpenrose Dairy (sold at Albertson’s, Thriftway, New Seasons, QFC, Zupan’s and other stores. It also supplies milk to Baskin-Robbins ice cream franchises in the Pacific Northwest), the famous Tillamook County Creamery Association and Eberhard’s Dairy also stopped the use of Monsanto’s Posilac (rBGH) last year.

Some controversial side effects associated with rBGH; enough that it has been banned in Canada and most of Europe? Premature growth in infants, and breast growth in children, with increased risk of breast and colon cancer in adults.

Comment by tao 06.06.06 @ 6:31 pm

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