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What to do? What to do?
Saturday June 17th 2006, 11:19 am
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For a moment there, it felt like a turn around. As if fascism, that hate that permeates American discourse, was taking it on the chin. The Enron trial ended in convictions, congressmen are being indicted, some are going to jail; lobbyist are lining up to tell all in hopes of reduced jail time. The promise of accountability was in the air. But in an instant of smoke and mirrors it’s gone. Lost to another time; again.

Carl Rove get’s off scott free. Not that it wasn’t expected, in the end he would have been pardoned. After all, he was working for the Imperial President. A president that puts himself above the law and those checks and balances refuse to check or balance. A president that starts a war to evoke presidential war powers and becomes the antithesis of the Constitutional Presidency.

And the most disheartening fact of all: that most likely he was not elected at all, and the elections were likely stolen in a series illegal activities by elected government officials. I feel the need to repeat that, a series of illegal activities by elected government officials. Let me translate that: corrupt government officials can get themselves re-elected. And by definition means: we may never get rid of them.

If we can not uphold free and fair elections we will become Orwell’s nightmare.

Even more so than we have experienced, so far.

At a loss, please tell; what to do?

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